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New research finds that workplace volunteering can double a customer's loyalty

Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose has released a new report designed to uncover the true dynamics of corporate volunteering.

Key findings from the report include:

• The most successful workplace volunteering programs are intentional, thoughtfully designed, and authentic. Volunteer program design must be rooted in the needs of nonprofit organizations and community stakeholders.

• Social impact and meeting community needs are the main results and value produced through workplace volunteering program, but successful programs can have ripple effects on business results.

• Value Volunteering has proven that people reward companies for high-quality workplace volunteering in terms of reputation, trust, and customer loyalty. Even more, the effect on trust and customer loyalty approximately double when people believe that workplace volunteering truly makes a difference.

• Workplace volunteering has “built-in” and “built-for” results, both of which are key for success:
a) Built-in results include positive contributions to employee engagement, reputation, trust, and team building.
b) Built-for results include positive contributions to recruitment, leadership skills, customer insights, employee retention, and client relationships.

• Corporate community service serves community first, but also builds the company: 78% of the time, volunteers say that understanding the impact they are making motivates them to stay engaged.

• Over half (55%) of nonprofits surveyed say that including corporate volunteers in an organization’s strategy and program management helps deliver on mission achievement and builds relationships at the same time.

• Workplace volunteering has greatly expanded over the last 10 years: 40% growth in both aggregate and average corporate volunteer hours is driven by efficiencies from technology/software, employee interest and demand, and the expansion of skills-based opportunities.

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